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Experience the Healing Power of AquaMED® Dry Hydrotherapy

What is dry hydrotherapy?
AquaMED® dry hydrotherapy is a combination of the time-proven therapies of whirlpool treatments, heat and massage in a single system. You are fully clothed, comfortably supported and protected by a durable barrier while streams of heated water are directed to the treatment area of your body.

How will I feel during treatment?
Many patients say they feel totally at ease with a deep sense of peacefulness. Others report a tingling sensation as circulation is increased. Everyones individual experience may vary; each sharing the same opinion that an AquaMED® treatment is wonderful!

  • Increased blood circulation for better Body Health

  • Decreased muscle tension for better movement

  • Increased oxygen absorption for better energy

  • Decreased muscle toxins for better injury recovery

  • Increased release of endorphins for better feeling of well-being

  • Decreased blood pressure for better circulatory health

  • Increased muscular range of motion for better flexibility

AquaMED 200 dry hydrotherapy massage bed